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Select-A-Blend™ Custom Blended Orchid Mix

Select-A-Blend Orchid Mix is like nothing else offered anywhere for your orchids! Traditionally, you have been limited by the imagination (or lack of) various outfits have in making mixes and selling them to the public. These mixes sold by other companies were often stale, dried out and may have been sitting on the shelves of some "big box" store for months and months. As a division of, Select-A-Blend is dedicated to the belief that the customer should have choices and the media should be fresh. We scour the globe looking for only the finest ingredients, and then we make them available (over 46 media choices available now) for you to have us blend any way you like.

Here's how it works:
Select-A-Blend custom orchid mix is made by us, using your choices of media. You get 12 scoops to work with, from any of the following media ingredients. You might pick 8 scoops of coconut chips and 4 scoops of sponge rock. Have a blast and pick whatever suits you! You could pick 4 scoops of coir, 2 scoops of charcoal, 3 scoops of tree fern fiber, 2 scoops of aliflor and 1 scoop of turkey grit. How about 6 scoops of tree fern, 2 scoops peat, 2 coir and 2 charcoal? Whatever you like, you are the boss!
See our recipe page for ideas by plant type.

If you prefer, we offer 21 Classic Orchid Mixes fresh made by us based on our experience growing our own orchids for many years, both in the home and in our greenhouses Classic Orchid Mixes come in 4 sizes, are freshly made in small batches and are shipped all over the United States and even around the world every day. We have been recognized by the most important judges, our customers, as having the finest products, unmatched customer service and lightning fast shipping directly to your door. Our Testimonials section of the website attests to our dedication to 100% customer satisfaction. Our goal is to delight our customers. Not content with only offering the finest blended mixes and 47 different medias, we introduced FEED ME! MSU Orchid Fertilizer which is exclusively offered by Also exclusively offered is the all Natural GET OFF ME! Insect Spray which can be ordered as a kit with spray bottle, in refill containers of Pint, Quart, and Gallon, or in Combo Packs with FEED ME! MSU Orchid Fertilizer at a discount over the regular price.

Crystal Clear Plastic Orchid Pots, Clear Slotted Clear Orchid Pots and amazing ceramic orchid pots with rich deep glazes can also be found here. With over 55 different ceramic pots, more than 20 unique plastic pots and a vast selection of supports, clips, cork mounts, vanda baskets and orchid lighting products, you will be delighted to experience all that is offered.

From quarts of media to big boxes holding gallons, the mix options are endless. African Violet mixes, Cactus mixes, even beautiful African Violet Pots are here in a variety of shapes and color combinations.

Orchid Mixes are what we here at rePotme Orchid Supplies are famous for, but orchid supplies, orchid pots, orchid fertilizer, orchid care information, and all sorts of ceramic orchid pots make us a destination for smart orchid growers everywhere. We Deliver the Goods!